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Ink pad for StrainMaster Ink pad for StrainMaster

Réf. d'article: 1010935

Extra-large stamp pad for applying paint with a foam roller for fine patterns.
80,00 € *
Speckle pattern toolkit Speckle pattern toolkit

Réf. d'article: 1103350

The StrainMaster speckle pattern toolkit is an easy-to-use alternative to spray cans and conventional stamps.
200,00 € *
Airbrush kit Airbrush kit

Réf. d'article: 1103353

The airbrush kit from LaVision consists of a powerful compressor, two airbrush guns for the application of fine to medium patterns and a wide range of accessories.
830,00 € *
2D StrainMaster DIC system 2D StrainMaster DIC system

Réf. d'article: SM04026

Complete DIC system for 2D full-field measurements with a single camera.
Prix sur demande
StrainMaster Educational software StrainMaster Educational software

Réf. d'article: 1105261

This low cost focused version of our StrainMaster module allows students to quickly understand and appreciate the value of full field experimental data.
Prix sur demande
Digital Volume Correlation software Digital Volume Correlation software

Réf. d'article: 1105020

With the DVC software you can import volume images from X-ray CT, MRI or other devices and process the sequence of images.
Prix sur demande
StrainMaster Compact 3D StrainMaster Compact DIC system

Réf. d'article: SM04022

The StrainMaster Compact system comes with a fixed measurement head with two integrated cameras, optionally 2 or 5 megapixel and an LED to lilluminate the field of view.
Prix sur demande
3D StrainMaster Portable DIC system 3D StrainMaster Portable DIC system

Réf. d'article: SM04012

Complete DIC system for 3D full-field measurements with two cameras.
Prix sur demande
High-speed StrainMaster DIC System High-speed StrainMaster DIC System

Réf. d'article: SM04015

The high-speed DIC system includes fully integrated cameras capable of kHz frame rate.
Prix sur demande
3D StrainMaster Micro DIC System 3D StrainMaster Micro DIC system

Réf. d'article: SM04025

The Micro DIC system is dedicated to tests at small scales to understand microscopic material deformation.
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